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Justin Hager "Everything Was Different" (Sade/Drake)


Welcome to our exclusive online art gallery. We sell and promote original artwork and limited edition prints by nu-contemporary, street art and graffiti-influenced artists. Invest in art today!

Justin Hager "Everything Was Different" (Sade/Drake)

Justin Hager Sade Drake 2.JPG
Justin Hager Sade Drake.JPG
Justin Hager Sade Drake 2.JPG
Justin Hager Sade Drake.JPG
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Justin Hager "Everything Was Different" (Sade/Drake)


Original, 24" x 30". Acrylic, oil, ink on wood panel, signed by the artist. 

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NYC-based artist Justin Hager has a penchant for puns and paper. He's become a favorite amongst contemporary illustration collectors and fans of wit humor. Here is some snippets from his latest interview 3 weeks ago in Konbini shared with Vice. 

"...thankfully the world has gifted us with people like Justin Hager who take their one liners very seriously." Hager, a San Francisco-based artist, says he’s been drawn to drawing (aww yiss) for as long as he can remember. Playing with words has been one of his main creative outlets as well, and it has gotten to the point where the puns just come naturally.

“It’s kind of taken over my brain; I can’t really switch it off. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and have to write them down, otherwise, they’d be gone forever.”